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Tile and Grid Ceilings

Tile & Grid Ceilings, Full range
Tile and grid ceilings (suspended ceilings) are secondary ceilings designed to hang below a structural ceiling. The dropped ceiling is installed as a grid system that attaches to the structural ceiling. After the grid is installed, it is filled with lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles made of acoustic materials. The grid can be divided into square or rectangular spaces depending upon the look the architect or designer wants the ceiling to have. Sometimes ceiling tiles are cut or punctured to hold irregular or round-shaped lighting fixtures. Other times the designer may specify a light fixture that fills a grid opening without the need for a tile. Most designers follow specific needs when choosing the number and placement of light fixtures and ceiling tiles.
Ceiling tile manufacturers design tile products for both commercial and residential installations, making the selection available varied and broad. Tiles can be used in either industry as long as the tile’s fire rating matches the needs of the space being built — check local building codes through your city or county government’s building and construction office to verify. Manufacturers use a variety of materials to make ceiling tiles including mineral fibre — made from a by-product of the steel industry called wool slag, fibreglass fibres and Perlite.

Metal pan Ceilings
Metal ceilings are aesthetic decoration elements for the use in offices, department stores, schools, hospitals, railway stations, and also in exterior walkways, passages and pedestrian tunnels.
A wide variety of sizes of square and rectangle tiles, perforated or plain, surface finishes in different colours enables the designer to create the optimum synthesis of interior design and function according to individual requirements.
Different colour configurations for special effects including pre-coloured aluminium and high grade steel are available.
Metal Ceilings can be combined with other construction elements or provide in itself a performance-activated unit.

Suspended acoustic rafts
With modern acoustic requirements for specific environments, we have worked closely with the UK`s leading manufacturers in the installation of aphetically pleasing sound reducing suspension rafts.