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Metal stud partitions

There are various types of Metal Stud Systems that are used to create a framework to which Plasterboard can be fixed. This is a much quicker method of installation, and thus a cheaper alternative to using timber batons. These Metal Stud Frameworks can be used in either vertical wall (Partitions/Wall Linings) or horizontal ceiling applications (MF Ceilings). Manufacturers of these products include the 3 Plasterboard Manufacturers – British Gypsum, Lafarge and Knauf, along with unbranded Metal Stud Manufacturers including Richter, HEP, Hilltop, Metsec, Libra and Lindab.

Metal Stud Partitions are available in various thicknesses. 50mm, 70mm, 92mm and 146mm are available which fit into 52mm, 72mm, 94mm or 148mm Tracks respectively. Then 1/2/3 layers of Plasterboard are fixed to either side of the Studwork. Various types of Insulation can also be used within the partition void to enhance the sound insulation given by the Partition. A number of factors will need to be considered in order to determine the makeup of the Partition – the level of fire resistance, sound reduction, moisture resistance and durability will determine what type and thickness of Plasterboard needs to be used. Furthermore, depending on the height to which the internal wall needs to be built will determine what thickness of metal studs needs to be used. The combination of all these variables will determine the exact specification of the Partition. If you are not in possession of this information then Building Control or any one of the three Plasterboard Manufacturers (British Gypsum, Knauf or Lafarge) technical departments will be able to advice on the best system to meet the criteria you are trying to achieve.